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Our Team of Qualified Physiotherapy Professionals

Dr. Mahmoud Ibrahim (Scoliosis Physiotherapist at ARC)

Dr. Mahmoud Ibrahim

CEO- PT., Ph.D.

- Lecturer of Biomechanics & Ergonomics, Faculty of Physical Therapy, BUC

- Ph.D. in Physical Therapy, Cairo University (2019)

- Certified Schroth Best Practice Practitioner (2018)

- Master in Conservative Treatment of Scoliosis, ISICO, Italy

- Workshop in SEAS (Italy), 2019

- Workshop in FITS (Poland), 2019

- Certified Manual Therapist, Winston-Salem State University, USA (2018)

- Diploma in Health Care and Hospital Management, AUC (2013)

Dr. Mai Ahmed Elsharkawy


Certified Schroth Practitioner

M.Sc in Physical Therapy, Cairo University

Dr. Alaa A. Fewey


Certified Schroth Practitioner

M.Sc. in Physical Therapy, Cairo University

Dr. Osama El-Naggar


B.Sc. in Physical Therapy, BUC

Dr. Osama El-Naggar (Scoliosis Physiotherapist at ARC)

Dr. Osama El-Naggar